Batman and Robin De-Assified, by Greencapt

Can the disaster that is "Batman and Robin" be made into a good film? Some had the courage to try and make it so! This is Batman and Robin De-Assified by Greencapt. You can read a review of it here.

Can Batman and Robin truly be made watchable? Find out for yourself below!

Original film name: Batman and Robin
Editor: Greencapt
Date Edit Was Released: 2005
Runtime: 66 min






In 37 parts 3.7 GB. Password:



  • The “Alfred is dying” subplot has been removed.
  • A lot of the idiotic dialogue is gone. Not all, but most of it. And no “cartoony” sound effects.
  • While the ice-skating scene remains, it is not as blatant. And we don’t see B&R click their heels together to pop skates out of there boots.
  • Very little Bane and we don’t hear him saying “BAAAAAANNNNNEEEE” at any point. He is still a moronic henchman to Ivy.
  • The whole “competition” between B&R is gone for the most part. Robin doesn’t whine in this version and the petty bickering between the dynamic duo is gone.
  • Batman speaks very little and comes off more “professional.”
  • As stated previously, Ivy remains the same. This is due to the fact that Ms. Thurman’s entire performance is campy and over the top.
  • Batgirl is still in the film. But her character has been reduced significantly.
  • Freeze is now much more menacing and a bit darker. His stupid one-liners are cut to a minimum. Still not what you would want, but much better.
  • All the stupid gangs and motorbike racing scenes were eliminated.
  • The opening credits are more “Bond-like,” in that the movie opens with B&R battling Freeze and then the opening credits roll once Robin is thawed out.
  • Idiotic visual elements such as the Bat-skates, the Bat-credit card, butt and crotch shots, etc. have been removed.

DVD - Features:

  • NTSC 66 minutes
  • static menu

Conceptual improvements/advancements of edit over original:

The movie runs a lot faster in pace and sticks to the main plot. You won’t get fidgety anymore! There are NO subplots. No Batman and Robin bickering, and no Alfred is dying. Without these, the movie picks up speed and you WILL NOT loose interest! I myself have seen the original Batman & Robin about 20 times or more (I know… I know… that is way to many times) since it’s release. While watching THIS version I picked up ALL of the cuts. There are so many cuts and changes that I can not come close to talking about all.


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