X-Files: Exordium, by Throwgncpr

X-Files: Exordium, by Throwgncpr

This is the first of a series of edits focusing on the mythology episodes of the X-Files. Several episodes have been edited together for a theatrical experience.

Original film name: X-Files: The Complete First Season
New film name : X-Files - Exordium
Film studio name: Twentieth Century Fox
Edit crew name : ThrowgnCpr
Date Original Film Was Released : 1993
Date Edit Was Released : September 11, 2008
Original Runtime :
New Runtime : 127 minutes
Episodes Included : pilot, Deep Throat, Fallen Angel, Tooms, The Erlenmeyer Flask











Author: ThrowgnCpr
Video Format: MPEG2/724×480/16×9/NTSC
Audio Format: Dolby Surround 2.0 (224 kbps)
Artwork: case insert and disc label located in DVD_ROM folder
Features : Animated & still menus, chapter selection, trailers, ThrowgnCpr edits info, X-Files Mythology timeline, and an Easter egg.

  • added THX style FAN logo intro
  • added Fox Fanfare intro
  • added intro credits
  • reframed from 4:3 fullscreen to 1.85:1 (16×9) widescreen
  • cut Scully walking into FBI headquarters
  • cut airplane scene
  • cut some dialogue in car referencing medical examiner as possible suspect
  • cut “I’m wired” line by Mulder
  • removed some commercial fades
  • cut confrontation at cemetery
  • cut discussion of “father knowing about sons involvement in abductions” with Tracy at diner
  • cut father/son reunion
  • added Smoking Man in warehouse over dialogue from Mulder to phone conversation to heighten tension and aid transition
  • cut credits to pilot
  • cut theme intro to ‘Deep Throat’ episode
  • integrated intro to ‘Fallen Angel’ before Mulder & Scully pnone call and intro of ‘Deep Throat’
  • removed reference to crash happening in Wisconsin
  • some panning and reframing to Mulder meeting Scully in bar - to remove episode credits
  • lots of cropping/panning/editing to Mulder & Scully case discussion in bar - to remove episode credits
  • cut crazy fly-fisherman
  • added some nature sound effects & score over some cuts during Scully talking outside to smooth audio transition
  • cut waitresses line “Quiet like a hummingbird” - This makes no sense. Hummingbirds are VERY vocal.
  • cut kids from film. While they were good characters, they really served no purpose for this edit
  • completely rebuilt audio with score and sound effects for night helocopter chase to accomodate loss of kids
  • removed more obnoxious commercial fades
  • cut reference to kids in hotel conversation
  • cut kids leading mulder through fence. Mulder is not guided. He explores on his own.
  • did I mention about removing commercial fades???
  • had to cut some dialogue of Scully holding agent at gunpoint to remove kids from scene
  • reworked end of Deep Throat (meeting between Mulder & Deep Throat at track) a bit
  • trimmed some of Mulder’s dialogue from final meeting with Deep Throat (from Deep Throat episode).
  • cut credits to ‘Deep Throat’
  • cut intro credits to ‘Erlenmeyer Flask’
  • lots of reframing to remove credits
  • cut all local police scenes, and the search for the missing suspect
  • cut actual murder scene of Dr. Berube
  • arrgggggg, begone ye worthless commercial fades
  • removed corny dialogue between Scully & Mulder about trust and faith.
  • removed reference to Deep Throat meeting Scully before
  • cut final phone call between Mulder & Scully. There is no talk now of shutting down the X-Files. It would have been way too soon to all happen (opening & closing) in 1 movie.
  • removed end credits to Erlenmeyer Flask
  • custom end credits


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