Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - The Sithlord Remix, by Sithlord

First in a series of prequel edits by Sithlord.

Original film name : Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace
New film name : Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace [Sithlord Remix]
Film studio name : Lucasfilm
Edit crew name : sithlord

Date Original Film Was Released : 19 May 1999 (US), 19 Aug 1999 (Sweden), DVD Released 2001
Date Edit Was Released : 20 July 2007
Original Runtime : 2 h 10 min (PAL)
New Runtime : 1 h 48 min (PAL)
Amount of time Cut/Added : About 5 min added and 17 min cut






DVD details:

  • DVD Features (Single Layer):
  • Video : 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen - Avg. bitrate: 5036 kbps, PAL
    Audio : Dolby Digital 5.1 - 448 kbps
    Subtitles : English (Alien language only)
    Menu : Non-static With music. Chapter selection

List of major changes:

* Some of Obi-Wan’s dialogues are cut, making him a more stronger character and is not
questioning everything. He IS about to become a Jedi.

* Nemodians voices are pitched down to sound a little darker and some of their silly
dialogues are removed to make them a little more threatning.

* All battle droids speaking to each other removed. Aren’t the all connected?
The Nemodians don’t give them orders vocally either.

* Jar Jar Binks? He is still there but not that silly. He is not even banned
from Gungan City because of being clumbsy. The fart and poop jokes are gone,
and so are Boss Nass ticks and stupidness.

* Almost everything from the underwater sequence it cut. They just travel from
Gungan City to Theed. The waterfall sequence is inserted.


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